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we're all about the kavan smith love.....
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28th-May-2013 07:32 pm - Kavan, mon cher...
...'cause of size Pic after the cut!Collapse )
Yep, this man looks even good in B&W.
19th-Apr-2013 11:31 pm - Success! I am back online...
McKay being a wuss again

...so, here some cute Eyecandy!
28th-Oct-2012 04:18 pm - Almost 1/2 a Year later...
...and no one posted a new Image?
I had to correct that! :)
6th-May-2012 07:54 pm - For today...

...he is the Birthday 'Boy'!
1st-Dec-2011 06:43 am - Hi!
I just realized I could post here! lol

I was capping Human Target, Episode 10 (Victoria) for Christopher Heyerdahl, not knowing Kavan was in the same episode, so here you go :)

Also, I was at the LA con recently and saw Kavan. My pictures of Kavan start here

Feel free to take any of them :)
28th-Aug-2011 12:32 am - Kavan at the Chicago Creation Con!
Spike and Cordy
Last week Kavan was at the Creation SG con in Chicago and I was lucky enough to go! It was pretty awesome and he told some very entertaining stories. Here's the link to my entry on his panel as well as one of the guests (Chris Judge) plus a little blurb about my photo with Kavan! ^-^

Eureka, 4400 and why you should never ride a motorcycle
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